Today "Time-to-Market" and short life-cycles do apply not only to consumer-electronics. Also manufacturers of microprocessors, microcontroller and peripherals have to follow this requirements.
The industrial customer whose products are built into medical equipment, aircrafts or machine-controls has considerable problems with this trend. Their warranty periods are ten years or more.

One possibility to have obsolete parts available long term is to buy and store the needed quantity at the time the manufacturer offers a "last time-buy". Another way is to buy the product on a wafer and assemble the parts whenever required. However both methods need special precautions for the storage.
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Replacement ICs

What can be done when the product is discontinued in with a 12 months period before it disappears from the market?

Complete re-designs are time-consuming and costly. Usually it is more favourable to keep the concerned product in stock for the required time. As an alternative available second source parts can be identified and qualified. "Coreing" is yet another possibility. Suitable parts of a circuit are combined to a new integrated circuit.

Copying an IC also can be considered as an efficient way to solve the problem. Our partner, Innovasic Semiconductor is focussed on "cloning" discontinued products. They have developed their own re-engineering technology.
M I L E S, the "Managed IC Life Time Extension System" makes it possible to transform public domain information like datasheets and the original IC itself into a form- and function compatible substitute. The applied design technology keeps the product independent from process-technologies which guarantees long-term availability. The development-cost of such cloned IC are clearly lower than the cost of own developments.

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