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LED Engins Luxitune Module gewinnt Lux Awards 201516.12.2015

" LuxiTune was recently been named Best Modular SSL Light Engine in the inaugural Sapphire Awards, Best Light Source of the Year in the Lighting Design Awards 2014 and Solid-State Lighting Product of the Year at the Elektra Awards 2013."

LuxiTune Generation 3.0 features a 1100 or 2200 lumen emitter option, each delivering smooth halogen-style dimming from 1600K to 3000K and Correlated Color Temperature (CCT) tuning between 2100K and 4300K. Both tuning curves track the black body curve closely and brightness is adjustable from 100% to less than 0.5%. With the complementary secondary optic, luminous efficacy is an industry-leading 63 lumens/W at steady-state temperature and Color Rendering Index (CRI) is 90 at full intensity.

LuxiTune supports 0-10V, DMX 512, DMX RDM, Dali and ZigBee HA controls. The light engine delivers flicker free, and exceptionally smooth and continuous dimming with all digital and analog controllers. It also provides flicker-free video capturing. Self-learning mode with the 0-10V dimmers eliminates known issues in installations with multiple lamps on one dimmer due to varying voltage drops on long and short cables. It also eliminates dead travel (adjusting the dimmer setting without a corresponding change in light level). DMX RDM control may be used to commission the LuxiTune module with select pre-programmed modes, such as selecting between Warm Dimming or Color Tuning modes.